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A Homeschool Family
May 12, 2008, 4:29 pm
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A cute little video on homeschooled families.


Some people say we’re goofy, mysterious and spooky. Our neighbors think we’re kooky, a home school family.

We drive a white conversion, we learn about the Persians, our six year old’s a surgeon, a home school family.

We learn about creation, and classic education, we’re sponsoring a Haitian , a home school family.

The parents are the tutors, we build our own computers, we never go to Hooters, a home school family.

There’s recess in the foyer, and than we read Tom Sawyer, our nine year old’s a lawyer, a home school family.

We never leave our dwelling, our children are excelling, they’re champions at spelling, a home school family!