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Recovery And Escape
November 6, 2007, 3:19 pm
Filed under: Family, Mythical Fire Stars

If you missed the last episode, click here.

When the heroes were safe at HQ, They took care of the injuries. In a few day, the legion was well rested and ready for action. Star was sitting down on a couch, reading a book about villains, The Twins were trying to get into a cookie jar by standing on top of each other, Zinx was typing a computer code into his computer, Warrior and Phantom Girl went to go practice their fighting skills, Blueberry munched on some tarts, Talana turned into a bird and was preening her feathers, Myru (Myrum) was taking a nap in the sun, and Ruby, Blacklight, Frost and Flaze were just chit-chatting. Suddenly, Ruby paused in talking.

Does anyone know where Comet Boy is?

Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing. They all shook their heads, they had no idea where he was. Ruby got up from her beanbag and stepped outside. It was an unusally quiet day. No birds were singing and even the streets were quiet. Ruby shivered. It’s way too quiet! She thought. Suddenly, Ruby heard a swooping noise. She looked up. It was Comet Boy!! He landed and looked flushed. What’s wrong Comet Boy? Ruby asked. And where were you?

Comet Boy seemed out of breath. I was at the police HQ, Some terrible news! Trask and Steel Man have escaped prison!! Ruby gasped. Comet Boy flew inside quickly to tell the others. Ruby hurried in after him. Comet Boy had just finished telling Zinx. Zinx looked at the others. Prepare yourselves, they could head here next. All I hope is that they don’t destroy the city.

To be continued….

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