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Meet The Characters
October 29, 2007, 2:43 pm
Filed under: Mythical Fire Stars

Some people reading my Mythical Fire Stars stories got a little confused on the characters. Here’s a full list of the legionnaire and the villains.

Star: A girl from Myton who never expected to be asked to join the legion!

Blueberry: Star’s best bud. She still doesn’t know what her real power is.

Warrior: An Guardian Angel with a strange temper.

Zinx: A highly intelligent robot that has lived in Optonium most of his life.

Comet Boy: The last person of his kind.

Talana: She shape-shifts into animals and plants.

The Twins: Two lovable twins who can never seem to stop fighting. They have no known power right now.

Blacklight: A shy black cat who was morphed into a cat during an thunderstorm.

Frost: From the chilly Nyistal mountain, this girl and her people dwell. Frost has adapted to the freezing temperatures.

Ruby: A small girl who loves the color Ruby Red. Commander Maxwell is her guardian.

Flaze: Totally fire powered, She can survive in temperatures up to 600* Fahrenheit.

Myrum: Her name is pronounced Myru, but she likes it spelled Myrum. She is a quiet girl with large wisdom.

Phantom Girl: She comes from a ghostly planet called Phansom.

Spinx: The old leader of the legion. A girl that’s a little hard to understand.


Steel Man: He and Thunder Man are brothers. His main issue is Star.

Thunder Man: He is a little bit older than his brother. His main issue is Blueberry.

Blizzard: Her mood can become very sour a lot of times. Her main issue is Warrior.

Vortex: He sometimes misuses his powers for fun. His main issue is Comet Boy.

Shadow: A almost true living shadow, this girl’s weakness is super bright light. Her main issue is Talana.

Earth Illusion: Thunder Man and Steel Man’s sister. This girl just relaxes and never takes anything seriously…Except her hair appointments. Her main issue is, well, she doesn’t have one. Yet.

Trask: Tainto’s long lost son. Accidentally morphed into a half scaly black snake half human. His main issue is definitely Star.

Tainto: An enemy of old. He disappeared in a meteor shower.

Hunter: A bounty hunter searching for Comet Boy.


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