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Trask’s Defeat
October 16, 2007, 3:07 pm
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If you missed the last episode, Click here

Trask’s tongue flickered back and forth. You’re right Ssstar. He hissed. I am Tainto’s ssson. His scaly face crooked into a smile. Ssstar, I have returned to Myton to carry out my father’sss dream. I will desstroy Myton if it’ss the lasst thing I do! Thunder flashed behind him. Trask turned around quickly. A galactic ssstorm iss approaching! He hissed angrily. He turned to the fallen legion and his robots. We’ve done our damage here! He yelled over the bellowing winds. Retreat! The robots quickly followed after their leader. The robot that was holding Star turned and dropped her into a huge cave in the ground.

Star watched helplessly at the escaping villains. She grabbed onto the side of the wall and started climbing. Her body hurt to much to fly. Just as she climbed out of the cavern, Star saw a familiar ship approaching. She quickly hurried after Trask and his robots. Suddenly, she heard a male voice.

Don’t worry Star. We got them. The voice said. Star looked up into the smiling faces of the Twins. Don’t worry Star. They said again. The rest of the legionnaire are here. Star looked up and spotted Frost, Flaze, Blacklight and Comet Boy. They all smiled at each other for a second. Than Twin #1 said, Hey! There goes Trask! Come on ! Come on! Let’s go get him! He took off running. Hey!! Twin #2 yelled after his brother. Wait for us!! He also took off running. Comet Boy shrugged and waved for the legionnaire to follow him.

When Trask saw them, he hissed with rage. Not fair! Not fair! The twins landed in front of him. Yes fair! They said together. Trask was quickly over come. Meanwhile, Star hurried back to the others, who were just getting up. They groaned. Man….Blueberry said. Those guys were tough! Star quickly helped them all up. A few of the legionaries were injured badly. (The battle was worse than I wrote it) Soon, Comet boy came with the rest of the legion. Trask had been handed over to the police and imported safely to his prison. As the healthy part of the legion helped the injured ones on board, Star spotted her father running towards her.

He grasped her in his arms. Star, he mumbled. I was afraid I’d lose you! Are you all right? Star looked up into her father’s eyes. I’m fine. She turned around and saw The Twins wave to her. She turned back to her father. I must go. I’ll be back soon to help with the clean up. But right now, I have to help my injured friends. They hugged one last time and Star took off. Soon the legion was heading back to Optonium.

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Wow, I love the emotion in your writing. You definitely have a talent.

Comment by Steven

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