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Inside Information about Trask
October 8, 2007, 5:01 pm
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If you missed the last episode, Click here.

After a quick talk, the legion and Star’s father made a plan. Costar (Star’s Father) decided that he would help evacuate the city while the legion held off Trask and his robots for as long as possible. He explained that some of the other people on Myton where also helping with the evacuation. He also told them that Tainto had died in a meteor shower a few months ago.

Star quickly followed the departing legion. She fingered the pink cape that Blueberry had given to her for her birthday. She had added glitter to it so when Star flew, it would shimmer behind her. Oh wait, I’m getting off the subject. As they all flew out, Star turned back to look at her father. He waved to her and quickly departed out another door. When the main building’s doors flew open, the legion was met with the smiling face of Trask and 10 of his robots. His black tongue flickered in and out as if sampling something. Well, what have we here? Ssstar and the legionairssss? He turned to his robots and barked (Not like a dog) Well? What are you waiting for you sssimpletonsss?!? Desstroy the legion!!!

The robots attacked the legion at lightning speed. Oh, this will be a piece of cake! Talana grinned. Suddenly, the robots pulled out shocker rods. Talana groaned. As the legion attacked, whirlwinds started blowing in from the north. Comet Boy emitted a screech towards one of the robots. It shook it’s head in confusion, that regained itself and brought the rod down hard on CB’s head. Comet Boy moaned and went down. Talana circled a robot and transformed into a snarling jaguar. She leaped at it with her sharp claws. The robot raised its rod and Talana smacked right into it. With a howl of pain, she felt back to the ground, smoking. The rest of the legionnaire were quickly brought to the ground.

Star was outnumbered now. She had her robot to take care of, and now she had to deal with all the others too! Only a few were lying disabled on the ground. Before long, Star was held by three of the robots. Trask chuckled a evil chuckle. My worthless friend, you don’t know me well, but I know you. Star quit struggling and stared at Trask. Trask clasped his black arms behind his back. You sssee, After you left Myton, a few months later, Tainto wass killed in the meteor ssshower. But no one knew he had a ssson.Trask paused and let his words sink in. Star just stared at him. He had a son?

Trask hissed and continued. Hiss sson to rule Myton after he dissssappeared. But the ssson had different plansss. He wasss alwaysss fasssinated by sssnakesss. Sso one day he decided to turn himssself into a lifes ssize ssnake. But ssomething went wrong. In the tesssting, a bolt of lightning sshocked the DNA changer. The sson was in the machine than tessting the experiment. The sshock caused a mental flaw in the program. Sso when the transssformation wass compete, the sson wass sshocked! He looked like a human with ssscaley black armss and a black cobra’ss head combined! Trask stopped and grinned a snaky smile at Star. The sson than later decided to be a sssupervillian. He came back to Myton to rule.

Star felt like a lightning bolt had hit her. She realized who Trask was now! She opened her mouth.

YOU were that son!


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