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The Disaster
October 1, 2007, 7:13 pm
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As they boarded the legion’s ship, Star trembled. Would her parents recognize her? Would they still be around? Questions buzzed into her head. As she strapped herself in, she thought this birthday couldn’t get any better. Star grabbed her space suit and put it on. Blueberry held her shoulder. Star, don’t get so jumpy!

Star twinged. She was impatient. Suddenly, A beeping red light covered the ship. Zinx quickly pushed a button and a map of the universe popped up. A red light was beeping on one of the planets. Zinx looked pale in spite of his robotic body. What’s wrong? Warrior leaned on the dashboard and stared at the screen. A look of horror crossed his face. Oh,no. he whispered. Star looked at his face. What’s wrong? Zinx turned to her. It’s a distress signal.

Star looked at him with a blank look. Is that the problem? Zinx shook his head. It’s the location of the distress signal. Star felt stricken for a moment, than asked slowly, which planet? Warrior turned to her and Star wasn’t prepared for what he said next. It’s coming from.. He gulped.


That word hung in the air for a minute. Star felt the air rush out of her lungs. M-Myton? She covered her mouth. Zinx nodded sadly. Blueberry turned to Star. Well Leader? What now? Star’s eyes flashed. We go help them. she said with determination. Zinx grabbed the controls. Strap yourselves in. We have a planet to save! Zinx locked the ship in hyper speed. The ship took off like a bullet. Within seconds, they had reached Myton. Robots were guarding the planet from all directions. They shot a warning shot at the legion. Zinx stopped the ship. Warrior ran his fingers through his hair and blew out his breath. What now? They won’t let us land! Star opened the door and flew out of the ship.

The legion saw Star talk to the guard and a red light came on. He opened a force field and let the legion in. No sooner than they got inside, Zinx called Star through her communicator. Star! Trask is coming. He must have launched an attack!! Star looked up and saw Trask and heavily equipped robots heading for her planet. She waved for the legion to follow her. She headed for the main building. The distress beacon was standing on the building. Zinx brought the ship to a halt and the legion flew out the door. They joined Star. They all walked into the main building and saw a elderly man waiting for them. As soon as he set eyes on Star, he collapsed. S-star honey? Star reconized his voice and gave a cry. Father?! She cried. Star ran into the arms of her father. They hugged for a minute. Than her father let go of her. Suddenly, the building shook. All looked up. Star’s father ran to the door. He flung it open and saw the force field had failed. Trask and his Robots were attacking everything. Star’s father turned to the legion. Introductions later. War is upon us.

To be continued.

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