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Birthday Happiness
September 24, 2007, 5:25 pm
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If you missed the last episode, Click here.

Star locked herself in her room for the rest of the day. Everyone took turns trying to get her to come out, but it was all in vain. Star covered her ears and thought hard about who Trask was and why she recognized him. No thoughts came to her mind. Star refused to eat or drink and never moved from her position. Her thoughts turned to the day of the week. Today was her birthday. No one knew, but she remembered. A tear slid down her cheek as she remembered all the fun birthdays with her family. Now she was turning 16 and she was alone.

Suddenly, Star heard a small knock on the door. She knew right away it was little Ruby. Go away! she snapped. Ruby open the door slowly and made sure Star wouldn’t throw a lemon pie in her face. Star, she said slowly, we need to talk. Star covered herself. Go away! she yelled. I don’t want to talk. Ruby hugged Star. You remind me of my big sister, Star. Ruby said softly. What happened to your sister? Star asked.

“She died in a big fire. Along with my mother and father and cat.”

Oh Ruby! Star exclaimed. I’m so sorry. Ruby smiled. Thanks Star, will you come out with me? The others want to see you. Star hesitated, than her stomach growled. She laughed. Sure Ruby I’m hungry. They flew out together and came into the main room. Zinx was reading computer code and didn’t notice them. Beside him, the room was empty. Star shook her head. That Zinx, reads all the computer stuff he can get his hands on. We’re spoiled in this 32’th century! Ruby laughed and nodded. Yes we are. We’re also lucky! Technology has improved so much since the 10’th century! Suddenly, Zinx flew between them. Sorry to break up you chit-chat, but Star, there’s something that I need to show you. Star followed close behind Zinx and Ruby. They led her to the meeting room. They went in and Star followed. It was dark in the room.

All of a sudden, the light flew on and Star was met with the entire legion yelling, Surprise!! in her face. The room was decorated with banners and ribbons. A big birthday cake was in the center of the table. It said on it, Happy 16’th birthday Star!! Star covered her mouth and started crying tears of joy. Blueberry hugged her. Happy birthday Star!! She cried. Star saw a pale-faced girl who had ice blue hair and clothing. Zinx caught her staring. Star, this is Frost. She’s another one of the legion that hasn’t been here in 2 years. She came along with the rest of the legion to wish you a happy first year in the legion and a happy birthday.

Another door suddenly burst open and more heroes came flying through the door. They all introduced themselves to Star. A girl who’d hair was as red and hot as a fire and her clothing was all red, along with her eyes and lips, said her name was Flaze. There were two boy twins who looked just like each other. The legion could never figure out who was who, so the boys called themselves the Twins. The next hero was a girl who was actually a cat. She was black with sapphire eyes with a diamond on her forehead. She stood upon two legs and came level with Star. She quietly said her name was Blacklight. Zinx quickly interrupted. Star, we have another surprise for you.

We want to visit your planet. Is that all right? Star nodded numbly and smiled broadly. Let’s go! Far away, Trask watched the legion get ready to go. He hissed. Ssssstar will be suprised at the suprise I have for her. Muahahahahaha!!!!!!

To be continued…..

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