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A New Worry And A New Hope
September 10, 2007, 8:53 pm
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What do you mean we should let her stay?!? Warrior banged his fist on the table. The only reason you care about this, this, child is because she’s alone, Star!!! Star bit her lip. I know Warrior. She said softly. But she reminds me so much of my best friend who lived on Myton. Blueberry hugged Star to keep her from crying. Shh… Blueberry whispered. Let’s let Ruby have a chance. Zinx said to Warrior. Warrior looked as if he was going to blow his lid. Myrum, who was clutching her side, spoke up. Let her try. I was right before about Star wasn’t I? All heads at the meeting table nodded. Warrior stood up and leaned on the table. If we’re going to bring someone new in, let’s ask the leader! But Sphinx is on a trip right now! Talana yelled. Warrior leaned in her face. Who asked you where Sphinx was?! Phantom Girl whacked Warrior in the face. Stop your temper! She yelled. Why you little- Warrior started.

Suddenly, Comet Boy came flying in the room. Sorry to interrupt the meeting, but Sphinx is on the communicator! Everyone in the room gasped. They all went out of the room and stood in front of the monitor. Sphinx was standing in a dark forest and she spoke. Legion, I have some grave news. We have a new villain to worry about. His name is Trask. A picture flashed up on the screen. Everyone gasped. He looked like a huge black cobra snake with huge fangs and black scaly arms. On his arm, Star noticed something familiar. He wore a golden band with a X symbol on it. Sphinx came back on the screen. Be on the look out. Warrior threw a question at Sphinx before she could continue. We have a girl here named Ruby. Commander Maxwell dropped her off. Everyone thinks she should be part of the team. What do you think?

Ruby pushed her way in front of him. Hi Sphinx! She said. Well hello Ruby. How’s Commander Maxwell doing? Fine, thank you. Ruby said, smiling. You may join the team if you wish Ruby. Sphinx continued. The Legion could always use extra help! She turned to the legion. Make a legionary vote on who should be the new leader. I know your choice will be good. That is all, farewell. Warrior sputtered and spat. Star hugged Ruby and smiled. You’ll be a good addition to help. Now, we must have a legionary vote on who the new leader should be. After all the legion people had been called and put on line, they all cast a vote. After the votes had been tallied by the computer, Warrior read the vote. The new leader is, Star!?!

Star gasped. A-are you serious? I-I’m the new leader? Blueberry and Myrum hugged Star. You sure are! Yippee!! Everyone clapped and Star, still looking dazed, held up her hand. The noise quieted down and Star spoke. I hope I make the right decisions and lead you all down the right path. Everyone clapped again. Warrior was still sputtering. Phantom Girl slapped him on the back and laughed. Get used to it. Warrior looked angry, than laughed. OK, OK, I’ll try not to be so self-centered now. Everyone clapped and laughed. Star, as she walked out, wondered something. Why did the band the Trask was wearing looked familiar and why he was wearing it?

To be continued….

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