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September 4, 2007, 4:26 pm
Filed under: Family, Mythical Fire Stars

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Ray Deactivated, a voice rang out. Star wiped her head and let her breath out slowly. NOOO!!! Steel Man bellowed. That Wasn’t Suppose To Happen!! Blueberry smirked. Warrior grabbed a rope and wound it around The Dark Matrix. Blueberry and Comet Boy picked them up and flew back to the city.

Star collapsed and hit her head on the ray. Warrior quickly flew over to Star and grabbed her. Star had blacked out. Warrior turned to the rest of the legion and yelled to them, Come on! Let’s get back to the base! They all nodded and Talana grabbed the ray. When the arrived back at HQ, The police had arrived. The commander was talking to Blueberry and Zinx. Someone was hiding behind him.

…Thank you Commander Maxwell. Blueberry was saying. He nodded and asked her a question that none of the other legion heard. Blueberry looked hesitant and finally nodded. Someone emerged from behind Maxwell and waved a small wave. Blueberry waved back. Commander Maxwell got in his police car. Farewell Legion! He shouted out the window. Just give me a buzz if any villains get loose again! Blueberry waved and shouted back, Don’t worry commander! We will! And take care of her! He also yelled. Blueberry just waved.

Star woke up and nearly fell out of Warrior’s arms. Blueberry walked over with Zinx and the girl. Hello everyone. Zinx said. Zinx took the ray from Talana and sighed. It’s safe. Is Myrum OK, Zinx? Star asked in a small voice. He looked at her. Yes, I scanned her. She’ll be fine. He flew to his laboratory to put the ray away. Star got out of Warrior’s arms and stood on the ground. Suddenly, Warrior noticed the girl. The girl was about the same age as Star. Her raven black hair which was shoulder length, Covered one of her ruby eyes.

Everyone stared at Blueberry. Oh, Blueberry laughed. This is Ruby. Commander Maxwell want us to watch over her. She’s part of the legion now. WHAT???? Everyone yelled. Warrior dove at Blueberry ready to tackle her. Suddenly, he bounced off of something when he was 3 inches from Blueberry. He flew to the other side of the room and crashed into the wall. Star looked at Ruby. She was somehow guarding Blueberry.

The outline of her hand was purple and her eyes had completely turned purple. Star suddenly realized that Ruby was using a force field! Warrior rubbed his sore jaw and mumbled. Star took a breath and said to all of them, We’ll vote on whether Ruby stays or goes.

To be continued….
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