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The Battle
August 27, 2007, 4:22 pm
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If you missed the last episode, click here

Star quickly led the other heroes up some rickety stairs. As they flew up, Star noticed that there was a lot of water forming on the steps. Hmm. She wondered. How is that water getting in? Where does it come from? The higher they flew, the more dense the air became. And the denser the air became, the slower the legion flew. This Air is getting very dense. Blueberry panted. Suddenly, they were out of the creepy cave and into a pouring rain. Warrior suddenly cried out to Star, Steel Man! There he is! Star scanned the area and spotted him setting up the ray to a large satellite. Steel Man! Blueberry yelled.

Steel Man turned around and saw the legion standing in the pouring rain, watching him. Hehehe. He laughed. Blizzard! Vortex! Earth Illusion! Shadow! Thunder Man! We have some “Kids” who want to play with us! All of the Dark Matrix appeared beside Steel Man. Earth Illusion sat on a large vine, working on her nails. She mumbled to Steel Man, S.M. Be careful about that Star. She packs a wallop! Steel Man swung his hand at Earth Illusion’s vine and bellowed at her, STOP CALLING ME S.M.!! Earth Illusion, not anticipating this move, tumbled onto the ground. Hey! She shouted. Not very polite to throw a girl off her seat you know! Thunder Man stood between them. Yo! Bro. Sis! Get along. We have to destroy the legion before they get to the ray!!! Steel Man and Earth Illusion stopped fighting and regained position. The battle had begun.

Blueberry took on Blizzard and blew her away with her Chill Wind breath. Warrior took on Thunder Man and made him trip over himself. Vortex was taken on by Comet Boy. Comet boy was taken down by an electric shock from Thunder Man when he wasn’t looking. Talana took on Shadow. Ha! Silly little girl! You’re a hero and yet you don’t have a hero name! Shadow laughed. Yes I do! Talana yelled back. Oh really? Shadow said sarcastically. Yes, if fact I do, Shadow. Talana said. She suddenly became smaller and more vicious. Shadow screamed. Talana had turned into a Jaguar! TALANA IS MY HERO NAME! Talana snarled. Shadow was thrown to a wall.

Star battled against Steel Man. Star’s hair lay flat on her head as she battled. Steel Man moved a different direction and Star tripped. Landing on the ground, Steel Man loomed above her. HAHAHAHA! He laughed. No one can stop me now! Suddenly, Star’s blue neckless started glowing. A bright light shot from it and The Dark Matrix was blown away. The neckless stopped glowing. Star suddenly remembered the ray. She turned to it and heard a voice. It was Steel Man. You’re too late! The time has 14 more seconds on it and soon the entire planet will be consumed in darkness! Star quickly flew over to the timer. 10….9….8 Star pushed all the buttons in some order. 7…6…5…4…3 She pushed one last button and held her breath. The entire legion and Dark Matrix froze. 2…1!!

To be continued….

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