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A Plan
August 20, 2007, 10:06 pm
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Blizzard girl looked up at the noise. Thunder! She moaned. I HATE thunder! It means rain! And rain ruins my hair! Earth Illusion looked at Blizzard girl. (Let’s call her Blizzard) Ugh, Blizzard, You got some talent for complaining! She said.

Blizzard looked angry for a moment. She flew out of the room in a hurry. Thanks a lot! She spat at Earth Illusion. Steel man also heard the noise and turned around to look at Earth Illusion and Shadow Girl. (Who we should call Shadow) Keep an eye on the Legion. I have to set the ray up. He barked at them. Earth Illusion was busy working on her nails.

Uh-Huh. Don’t worry S.M. We’ll keep an eye on them. Steel man looked at Earth Illusion and left the room mumbling, I wish she wouldn’t call me S.M! After he left, Shadow and Earth Illusion sat down and chilled. Star stared out of the cage door at Myrum. She looked like she was in a lot of pain. Someone tapped her shoulder. Star looked behind her and saw Zinx looking into her eyes. Have you found a way to get out, Zinx? She asked.

He shook his head. Nothing! The bars are made out of a atomic shield and No one can use their powers in here. Star turned back to Myrum who was struggling to get out of the vine still holding her. No one in here can, Star said slowly. But Myrum can! Blueberry raised her head and looked at Star. Myrum doesn’t own any usable powers!

Star closed her eyes and made contact with Myrum. It’s worth a try Blueberry. Myrum! It’s Star! Can you try to find a switch to turn the bars off? Myrum looked around the room and saw a large switch. Yes, Star. I-Ow! I see one. OW! Earth Illusion’s vine is pulling too tight. I have to hurry. Star looked through the bars worriedly. Myrum used Psychic to push the bar down. The bars fluttered off.

Before Shadow and Earth Illusion could move, The legion had attacked them. Soon The two evil girls sat on the floor, tied up. Suddenly, Star remembered Myrum. She looked wildly around and saw her still in the vine. Star used a power blast which blew the vine apart. Star ran over to Myrum. Her eyes were closed. Zinx quickly picked her up and turned to Star. I’m taking her back to HQ. She’s alive, but barely. Go deactivate the ray that Steel man is setting up. Star looked into his eyes and sighed. OK, Zinx. Good luck. Zinx nodded and flew out of the cave. Star turned to the Legion and yelled. Let’s go!

To be continued….

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