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Steel Man’s Request (Continued)
August 14, 2007, 5:25 pm
Filed under: Family, Mythical Fire Stars

If you missed the last episode, Click here

Zinx nearly knocked Star over. He gripped her shoulders and yelled at her, Are you insane!?! The Subatomic Partical Ray is a deadly weapon!! If the Dark Matrix get it, they’ll be able to destroy all of us!!

Star pushed Zinx away with her force field and stared at him. In a hurting controlled voice, she spat out, I…Know…The..Risks! But our friends are in there! Trapped! Zinx stood back and stared hard into Stars face. He didn’t see one glimpse of letting up. Zinx sighed. OK. I’ll get the Partial ray. He retreated to his lab to get it from a highly secure secret place. Star thought for a moment, than said quickly to Zinx, Wait, I have an idea! Make a fake copy and keep the real one here.

Zinx eyes became wide. Good idea, Star! I’ll get it ready immediately! He flew into his lab, leaving Myrum and Star behind. They peeked around the corner and saw Zinx hard at work. The fake Subatomic ray looked almost as real as the real one! Star smiled. This would be a perfect plan! It was almost 3 hours later, that they arrived at the cave on the south side of the canyon with the Subatomic Ray.

Steel Man was waiting for them there. He grinned and held out his big steel hand. Zinx pulled the ray out of a case and handed it to him. Steel Man smiled an evil smile and said in a deep voice, Come with me, into the cave. Star and Zinx looked at each other and shrugged.

They followed him into the cave and saw the rest of the legion behind the bars. Steel Man opened the door and Star and Zinx stepped inside to help their friends out. As soon as they stepped inside however, Steel Man slammed the door and locked them inside too. Myrum started to attack but was wrapped in a large vine. Earth Illusion had trapped Myrum so she was useless to help. Star fumed and exploded at Steel Man, What about our bargain? We got you the ray! You promised our friends! Steel man smiled and spat at Star, I crossed my fingers. Now I have the entire legion and no one can stop me now!!! Thunder clashed in the distance.

To be continued….

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