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Steel Man’s Request
August 6, 2007, 5:47 pm
Filed under: Mythical Fire Stars

If you missed the last episode, Click Here

Star awoke with a pain in her head and shivered. Painfully, she slowly stood up and looked around her. Rubble and debris littered the dark, cold and misty area. Suddenly, Star remembered her friends! Wildly, She looked all around the area, calling out their names and even searching the area in the air. But no one answered. It was completely silent save Star’s voice echoing off of the mountains. Star gave up and slowly floated to HQ. Maybe they forgot about me and they went back to HQ! Star thought.

But when she drifted in the door, no one was stirring. Star saw Myrum and Zinx in the corner sleeping. Star gently shook Myrum and Myrum opened her eyes. Wha? She said groggily. Who’s there? Has something happened? Yes, have you seen the others? Star asked. Myrum shook her head. I thought they were with you! Star’s eyes got bigger and she said in a hushed voice. We better call them. Zinx yawned and stretched and asked what was going on. Star repeated her story of what happened. I bet the Dark Matrix took them, Zinx interrupted.

At that moment, they got an call. Star turned the screen on and almost screamed. Steel Man was calling from his secret laboratory. Well, well, well. What do we have here? He said in his deep voice. Star exploded and nearly screamed at Steel Man, What have you done with my friends?!

Steel Man laughed a victorious laugh, (Which did not sound good to Star.) and stood back. Star gasped when she saw her friends behind glowing bars. Blueberry said in a weak voice. Help us Star…..Our..Powers..Are being …drained. Star broke down and bowed her head. What do you want me to do? she asked Steel Man quietly. Steel Man smiled a evil smile than said to her. Bring the Subatomic Partial Ray to the cave near the south side of the canyon. He pointed to Myrum and Zinx.

Bring them with you. He ended the call. Star stood tall. You heard the man, Star turned to Zinx. The ray’s in your laboratory. Get it. We have some friends to save.

To be continued….

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