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The Battle Against Thunder Man And Steel Man
July 23, 2007, 8:08 pm
Filed under: Mythical Fire Stars

If you missed the last episode, Click Here

As Star sat in the weapon room waiting for the others, her mind drifted to what the battle would be like. What would happen? Would she and her new friends survive? Or would they be squished like bugs? What was steel man and thunder man like? Star’s thoughts were interrupted when Zinx floated quickly into the room. I have some bad news guys, he said as he landed on the floor. Warrior looked at Zinx and yelled, Zinx! What in the legion happened to you? Star took a look at Zinx and was horrified.

He was covered in dirt from head to toe. Scratches covered him and he looked worn out. I was spying on the area to watch for Thunder Man and Steel Man. I had just rounded the corner and whammed right into Blizzard Girl! Zinx started. Blizzard Girl? Star thought. She sounds bad.

It turned out, Zinx continued, She had come with Steel Man and Thunder Man. In fact, Zinx dropped his voice down to a whisper. The entire group of the Dark Matrix was there. Everyone in the room gasped. No! Blueberry’s eyes turned into dots. We can’t go against them! They’ll wipe us out! We have no choice. Zinx said. We…we..have to. He said no more and fainted right on the floor. He must have gone against them to try and hold them off. Star said quietly. I’ll stay with Zinx. Myrum said very quietly. I have no abilities to fight with and I’m usually the venerable one. Blueberry nodded and grabbed a bow and arrows. Let’s go get them!

Star grabbed a sword with strange markings on it and placed it in her sheath. She felt happy and grown-up. Take care, Myrum said as the legion flew out the HQ door. The legion didn’t have to look for the Dark Matrix for very long. After a few miles, They met face to face. LET’S GET THEM!!! Steel Man bellowed. The battle had begun. Star found out that Blizzard girl was a strong fighter.

During her fight, she had also heard the names of a few of the Dark Matrix she didn’t know. Comet Boy was trying to destroy a person like his element. Vortex boy was throwing mini black holes all over the place which made it hard for the other part of the legion to fight. Warrior was fighting a girl named for her real self. Shadow Girl! Warrior spit out. I’m going…To…make you..ARR..wish you were..never born! He threw her at another new villain who was called Earth Illusion.

Soon the villains were so after the legion, Star slipped aside and watched the battle for a bit. Than she jumped back in throwing energy balls all over the place. She had forgotten all about her sword for the minute. The energy balls stunned the Dark Matrix for a second. Than they all raged and attacked everyone once again. Star felt a strong blow on her head and everything went black.

To Be Continued….

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