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Meeting The Legion
July 16, 2007, 7:55 pm
Filed under: Mythical Fire Stars

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OK! Now that that’s out of the way, lets introduce each other. Blueberry smiled. This is Warrior, Blueberry pointed to the white-winged boy. He can be a little grumpy sometimes. But don’t let that get you down. Star nodded and Blueberry went to the next in line.

This is Myrum and as I told you before, she’s a quiet girl and she does not speak her mind very often. Blueberry moved over again and pointed to a bright-eyed girl. Talana’s my name. she shyly said.Next in line is Zinx. He’s a mechanical robot but he functions like a normal human being. Nice to meet you. Zinx smiled. He swatted his hand toward thin air.

Star didn’t see anything for a minute than a girl appeared out of nowhere. Zinx! What’s the big idea! she landed a punch on his head. I was sleeping! Zinx rubbed his head. Introductions! Does your brain spin on nothing? The girl turned pale and she disappeared. I’m embarrassed… She mumbled.

This is Phantom Girl. Zinx said shaking his head. She’s a little annoying and ruff around the edges. Suddenly, everyone heard a loud thud and Zinx sank to the ground. Oww! What was that for Phantom Girl? Anoying? Ruff? I’ll play ruff with you! She turned visible again and the two started fighting. Blueberry sighed. Those two can NEVER get along, Star. What do we do to stop them? Star asked. Nothing.. Warrior said.

Suddenly, A screech came from a boy hovering in the sky. The two stopped fighting and held their hands over their ears. Comet Boy! Zinx yelled, That almost made my circuits blow! We have to stop fighting. Comet Boy said in a quiet voice. The Steel Man is coming. And he’s bringing Thunder Man with him! We must make ourselves ready. He looked down at Star.

You can meet the rest of the legion later. We must get ready. Star nodded and Blueberry wailed. We have no chance against them! They beat us last time and the time before that! Zinx, what’s the chance we’ll win? 50 of 100 Zinx said rummaging with his systems.

Star, Blueberry whispered, you’re going to get your first battle sooner than we expected. Don’t worry, you’ll be OK. Star nodded and trembled. What was her first battle going to be like?

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