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The Decision
July 9, 2007, 5:35 pm
Filed under: Mythical Fire Stars

If you missed the last episode click here

Star gazed in awe at the heroes waiting for them at the foot of the tower. They landed on the soft grass and took off their helmets. Star gave Blueberry a look that said, OK, now what? Blueberry caught her question and smiled. Turning away from Star, Blueberry faced the legion and spoke in a loud voice,

This is my friend Starlight. Or Star for short. I’ve want her to join the legion. What?! Star shouted. I haven’t even.. Star was silenced by a sharp look from Blueberry. I haven’t quiet told her about it yet. Blueberry continued. If you have any objections, please speak now. How do we know if she’s not evil? A white winged boy asked.

Blueberry frowned at the boy and answered to him, I have been friends with her for fourteen years and she’s been loyal to me and my family. No one spoke for a moment, Than, a purple robed girl spoke up. I think we should give her a chance. The rest of the legion looked at the girl with a startled look.

Star wondered why everyone looked surprised than whispered to Blueberry, Why does everyone look surprised? Blueberry whispered back to her, Myrum is not know to speak her mind. Star pondered on the strange name. Another hero suddenly blurted out, Yes, listen to Myrum! Let Star have a chance!

Arguments broke out and even Blueberry joined in. Star watched and her stomach growled from all the excitement. Star felt like the third wheel on a bike.

Eventually, everything calmed down and the decision was made. After whispering for a few moments, Blueberry turned to Star and reached out her hand. We voted and we decided to give you a chance. Welcome to the Legion, Star.

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