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Meeting a New Legion Of Heroes
July 2, 2007, 1:22 am
Filed under: Mythical Fire Stars

If you missed the last episode, Click here.

Episode 3

As they munched on some cherries, Blueberry’s blue hair bounced over her face. Star floated over to the window and stared into space. After a few moments, a tear slid down her cheek.

Blueberry, Do you think I’ll ever see my family again?

Blueberry twirled the hair behind her head and softly replied, Well Star, I.. I don’t know. But.. I miss our home as much as you. Blueberry broke down into tears and wept as if her heart would break.

Star dried her tears and hugged Blueberry. I’m sorry. I forgot your brother was left behind. Blueberry lifted her tear-stained face from the table and smiled at Star. Oh, I forgot, I want you to meet some people. Blueberry floated out the door and motioned for Star to follow.

Star floated after her and wondered who her friend wanted her to meet. Blueberry opened the hatch to space and handed Star a pink suit. Star slipped it on and noticed that Blueberry was wearing a similar one. The only difference was that hers was blue.

Star drifted into space and felt a pang of excitement. I’ve never done this before! She whispered. She heard Blueberry’s voice from inside her helmet. Me nether. My mom and dad were always wishing that I stayed safe so they never let me do it.

Star nodded and was suddenly happy that she was away from her family. Blueberry pointed to a tower that was in a little city. This is Opotonium. Blueberry said. Star sucked in her breath and saw five to ten heroes waiting for them at the foot of the tower. Star, This is the new legion of heroes.

To Be Continued…

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