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A New Planet
June 14, 2007, 4:09 pm
Filed under: Mythical Fire Stars

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Episode 2
A few hours later, Star woke up and looked around. When she realised she was in a rocket instead of in her bed on her planet, she started panicking. Than she remembered what her father had said to her. It was still fresh in her head. Remember Star, we love you and will be next to you no matter what. Farewell. Star felt a yearning for her parents. She wished they had come with her.

Suddenly, she felt the ship vibrate. WARNING, Seven enemy ships approaching from outer space. The computer voice warned. Star launched herself to the control panel and strapped herself in the green flight chair. The dark ship fired. Star bounced around on the seat as the ship took a few hits. She spun the rocket around and fired at the approaching ships. A couple of the lasers glazed the dark enemy’s ships. The dark ships fired and hit the ship. A blue screen appeared in front of Star. Weapons Offline. Star blew out her breath and pushed the trigger. Nothing Happened. As lasers streaked by, the rocket took a few hits. Space warp us to Earth! Star snapped. Star avoided lasers while trying to steer the rocket. Than the ship’s voice called out, Jump Complete. Prepare for warp. A blue light covered the ship and Star held up her hands.

The light faded and Star looked out the window. Earth was below her. Star drew in her breath. Earth was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen. A tear slid off her eyelash and hit the dashboard. She felt a wave of grief fly over her. She remembered the times she had with her family and she started crying.

All of a sudden, she heard a noise. A crashing noise. Star wiped her tears and as curiosity took over her, she headed to investigate. When Star reached the place she had heard the crash. A short blue haired girl about the same age as Star emerged from behind Star’s bed. Star started crying all over again when she saw the girl. Blueberry! she ran towards the girl who opened her arms and caught the teary eyed girl. Oh Blueberry, I was afraid I would never see someone from my planet again! What are you doing here?

Blueberry laughed in her sweet voice. I sneaked on board your rocket when your parents pushed the blue button. Star wiped her tears, pondered and asked Blueberry, Do you know why they where sending me to earth? Blueberry crossed her arms and shook her head. Tainto was going to destroy all the children. Your parents had to get you away from him. Well, while I’m here, you do you have something to eat? I’m starved!

To be Continued….

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