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A Burning Star
June 12, 2007, 11:35 pm
Filed under: Mythical Fire Stars

Episode 1

Marian! An elderly man rushed to meet his beloved wife. Costar? Standing up and dropping her book, a beautiful lady picked up her skirts and ran to her husband. What is it dear? He hugged her as the tears fell from his face. We must send our little star to Earth. Marian gasped. To Earth? But why? Because sweetie, the guards will destroy her. Tainto has ordered that all kids to be destroyed.

He fears that the rule over the people will slip from his hands. He says that he will no longer be able to keep the people under control if we populate more and more. Marian covered her mouth with her hand. Yes, we must send our beloved. But i grieve for all those mothers and fathers that will lose their loved ones. Her husband stopped weeping and picked up his daughter who was sleeping peacefully. Most of the people will try to send their kids to earth. They fear Tainto’s rule.

Marian nodded. She picked up a couple of things for her daughter so she would remember her planet Myton. Costar placed his sleeping daughter in the rocket and her mother placed the memories in with her. Her father pushed the blue triangle button in the rocket and stepped off. Remember Star, We love you and will be next to you no mater what. Farewell. The rocket engaged and took off. Her parents stood watching from the ground. Star was on her way to earth.

To be continued…

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